Shimanto Pannier

$290.00 / Coming Soon

The Shimanto Panniers are made to be a durable, lightweight, and convenient bag system that is stable no matter what terrain you’re on. Great for long bike tours and bikepacking where you need to carry a lot of gear. The outer bag provides protection for the inner waterproof drybag, while also making it extremely fast to remove your loads. All you have to do is unclip the lid and slide out the inner drybags. The bucket also allows you to strap things under the lid, or slide them under or on the sides of the inner drybag. This is useful when you have an awkward shaped item, or if you have something that you don't want inside your drybag, like a bag of trash or wet clothes.
The attachment uses sturdy metal hardware and straps that works for most full sized bike racks. Lightweight aluminum stays provide structure and solid mounting points for the mounting straps.
This price includes two panniers and two inner drybags. Pannier dimensions are 25 by 35 centimeters and extend out 15 centimeters. Each pannier has about a 15 liter capacity, or the 30 for the set.