Custom bags

To order a custom bag you will need to place a custom bag deposit here. Custom bags slots are opened up on website product release days, I will post updates about dates of releases on my socials, as well as on my upcoming events page. If you have a bag idea that is not listed below send me a message and I will let you know If I can make it and will get you a quote. Minimum price for custom bags is $60. After the deposit has been paid you can pay the rest on this page once the bag is complete and ready to ship.

To see some examples of past custom bags check out the custom bag gallery here.

For bag fabric you can see my standard fabric options on my fabrics page. I also stock a selection of other fabrics, if you have something in mind let me know and I will see if I have something. I can also make bags out of any fabric that you send me, an example is my jean bags and used sailcloth bag.

Custom Frame Bag Pricing

Frame bag measurements will need to be done in person, or you can send a paper cut out of the shape you want your bag to be. Frame bag attachment is either velcro straps or string lace on. You can also choose additional features listed below.

Full frame bag base price- $179
Half frame bag base price- $159

Frame bag addons

Double decker- +$55 

Triple decker- +$95

Side pocket- +$20 (per pocket)

Roll top opening- +$30 (per opening)

Bolt on- +$20

Reflective stripe- +$10

Water hose opening- free

Custom Panniers Pricing

Kawa panniers are designed to be extremely lightweight and super secure for offroad riding. Custom panniers can be made to any dimensions. Pannier attachment is a daisy chain on top with micro voile straps and a lower cam buckle (4 micro voile straps included in price). For large panniers it is recommended to use 3 micro voile straps per side. There are two pannier types, Standard and bucket. Standard panniers are a one piece design, they are highly water resistant but not fully seam taped. Bucket panniers have a removable taped inner drybag that is fully waterproof. Bucket style panniers are only available in rectangular shapes (no curved bottoms). 

Standard panniers can either be a cinch with a lid flap or a roll top. Bucket panniers can have either a flap lid top or just a single strap. All panniers use ultralight aluminum tubing stays and a foam padded backing for stiffness and security. 

Standard pannier pricing- $249

Bucket pannier pricing- $299

Additional voile straps- $3.50 per strap

Custom front bag pricing

Front bags use foam and aluminum stays to stay secure and structured. Daisy chains and voile straps are used for bag attachment.

19-40 liter bar bag- $265

8-19 liter bar bag- $175

0-7 liter bar bag- $99

Custom rack bag pricing

The rack bag comes standard with two large side pockets, and either a roll top or a cinch opening. Dimensions are custom. Rack bags have adjustable bottom straps and quick release buckles that can be adjusted for different racks. The base has aluminum stays to keep the bag structured even if the bag hangs over the rack edge.

Large cargo rack bag- $255

Other small bike bag custom pricing

Stem bag- $60

Top tube bag- $75

Small wedge frame bag- $75

Custom backpack pricing

Day pack- $199

Adventure Sling- $135

Micro Sling- $95

Duffel bag pricing

75-100 liter duffel- $299

45-74 liter duffel- $199

20-44 liter duffel- $120

Other Bag Pricing
Send me a message with your custom project Idea and I can give you a cost estimate.