Fremont Panniers


The Fremont Panniers are designed to be low profile, lightweight, secure, and easy to use micro-paniers for bikepacking and bike touring. The narrow profile only extends about 10.5 cm out from the rack, this keeps them out of the way when walking your bike through rough terrain. The bags Measure about 22cm wide and 28cm tall. The volume is about 7 liters per pannier and 14 liters for the set. The voile strap top attachment and bottom cam strap make this bag compatible with nearly any rack. The connection system is also easy to detach from your bike, just undo the two top straps and unbuckle the lower strap. Two aluminum tubing stays keep the bag stiff and solid. Under the lid flap is a cinch that can be tucked away if you want to use just the flap closure. The construction is highly water resistant (not completely waterproof). The Fremont Panniers are named after the Fremont River in Southern Utah.

This cost is for a set of two pannier bags.

If you don't see an option you like here you can order custom panniers here